Foil Sealing Machine

Driven by electromagnetic guideline, this Foil Sealing Machine we offer is utilized for water/air proof fixing of PET, LDPE and different evaluations of plastic made jugs or holders. This machine utilizes twofold layered inward seal to make the holder absolutely spillage verification. It comprises of hardened steel container, ground-breaking generator, superior fixing head, single stage engine and variable speed transport. Simple to work, this machine spares venture cost. Vitality productive activity, low commotion and vibration level, inconvenience free establishment, durable development, exact measurement, rust evidence structure and moderate cost are its principle highlights. We offer Foil Sealing Machines in cost effective valuing.

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Foil Sealing Machine

Key Features :

Power Requirement  1.75kW
Machine Speed  Upto 60 Bottles/Minute (depending upon the size of the bottles)
Used For  Nutraceutical Bottle, Chocolate Powder Bottle, Milk Powder Bottle, Pickle Bottle, Ghee Bottle, Cosmetic Bottles, Jam Bottle, Syrup Bottle, Jelly Bottle etc.