Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

With the assistance of our excellent workforce and latest machines, we are able to produce and supply a quality scope of Aluminum Tube Filling Machine. Our Aluminum Tube Filling Machine is high in performance and durability. In the pharmaceutical & cosmetics industry, this machine is exceedingly used. To follow the most recent innovation, we utilize an ideal review cast press and mellow steel to fabricate this machine. This machine is utilized for filling LDPE and HDPE tube with various materials. Its convenience to use and its sturdy design is what makes our machines different from others. We offer this Aluminum Tube Filling Machine at practical costs to customers.

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Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

The Aluminum Tube Filling Machine of Bhavani Engineering Works is designed and engineered to produce outstanding quality and precision tube filling and sealing of aluminum tubes or metal tubes. The ergonomic design of the machine makes it most comfortable to handle and easy to maintain. Its convenience to use and its sturdy design is what makes our machines different from others. Our Aluminum Tube Filling Machine is a highly efficient and durable machine. This machine is utilized for filling LDPE and HDPE tube with various materials. The machine is compact in design and it has a tube counting device. This machine is a no tube – no fill device and it have a bottom-up filling system. Our products are designed and manufactured with complete efficiency and precision. We offer our Aluminum Tube Filling Machine at the most economical prices.

Aluminum Tube Filling Machine Features:

  • A Fully Automatic Laminated/Plastic Tube Filling machine, with high operating speed and 12 Stations compact rotar.
  • Model – GMP Capable to fills from 40-300ml
  • Its contact parts are manufactured using quality stainless steel of grades 316
  • These machines are no tube – no fill device, with a bottom-up filling system and filling accuracy +/ – 0.1%.
  • These machines have a tube diameter of 16-60mm and height 60-258mm
  • The tube holding Cup is manufactured using quality stainless steel of grade 304.
  • 8. Manifold cam indexing device Make Camfield.
  • Geared Motor 0.5 HP, RPM-40 REMI make
  • Belt Less Stirrer Device with augur to keep the product in Continuous homogeneous condition.
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact in design
  • Indian made hot air or Switzerland hot air
  • Jacketed hopper with stirrer
  • Tube counting device
  • Tube orientation

Aluminum Tube Filling Machine Applications:

  • Pesticides bottle
  • Pharmaceutical bottle
  • Textile
  • Talcum powder bottles
  • Playing cards
  • Mineral water
  • Pickle bottle
  • Soap & shampoo bottle
  • Gift items
  • Welding rods

Aluminum Tube Filling Machine – Technical Specifications

Filling Station: These machines consist of a hopper with a capacity of 40kg. with a cut off valve that is connected to the filling cylinder which also has a capacity adjusting arrangement. The delivery nozzle is provided with a special pneumatic cut off system to prevent dripping.

Sealing System: This system comprises a preheating station and a sealing station.

Heating Station: This station is compressed with hot air is blown to pre-heat the sealing area. The compressor air is then heated in a chamber that is fitted with a hot air tool leister. The Pneumatic regulator is provided to control the air pressure and a temperature controller to control the heat. Sealing Station: This station is pneumatically operated and special jaws seal the tube. Batch coding is done at this station.

Trimming Station: The uneven end is trimmed at this station.

Batch-Coding Station: Batch coding is provided at the Sealing station.

Ejection: The tubes are automatically ejected at this station

Output: 1500-1800 tubes per hour single head

Electrical: The machine is fitted with 1 Hp motor that is 1440 rpm Hindustan make along with 30:1 ratio gear box, electrical panel box and a no tube, no fill process is also provided.

Note: An air compressor of 3Hp is required.

Dimensions : L 1330mm x W 920mm x H 1850mm

Packaging Type Plastics Tubes, Metal Tubes, Laminated tubes
Filling Speed 40 TO 50 TUBES PER MINUTES
Capacity 40 TO 50 Tube / Minute
Filling Range 5 GRAMS TO 250 GRAMS
Number Of Heads 1
Power Consumption 3kW
Machine Type Automatic
Voltage 220 / 440
Pressure 6 KG
Brand Bhavani
Color ANY