Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Semi-automatic tube filling machines are generally used for small to medium scale production needs. They are suitable for filling almost any liquids like fragrances, syrups, viscous products, liquids with particles, adhesives etc. These Machines are incorporated with the housing of filling device and syringe pump, which is being provided with the rotary piston. Manufactured using high-grade components, these machines have a high speed of filling maximum 50 tubes in one minute. Furthermore, these come with stainless steel spring that is attached with changing parts in a single tube size.


Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Features of Semi Automatic Tube Filling machine

  • Trouble free working
  • Smooth functionality
  • Robust construction
  • Simple operation
  • Accuracy is approximately equal to +/-1%

Technical Data:

Machine Dimension  800x1300x1800
Tube diameter  12.5mm to 50mm
Machine weight  500kg
Power Requirement   4.5kw
Air requirement  6kg
Chilled water requirement  50C chilled water
Filling volume  3gms to 250gms
Machine construction  SS304
Filling Construction  SS316
Machine Speed  30 to 40 tubes/minute

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